• Another example of a thermographic Image taken from a drone.
    Revolutionizing a Chilean copper mine with high-tech heap leaching solutions

    Chile is home to the world’s largest supply of copper, but the process of extracting it can be time-consuming and dangerous for workers – a challenge EPCM tackled with high-tech solutions at one major mine. The key to success was re-visioning how the mine handles a process called “heap leaching irrigation.”

  • Safety and efficiency equal success in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
    Safety and efficiency equal success in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

    “Industry 4.0” refers to combining the automation of traditional manufacturing and industrial practices with the power of leading-edge communications technology, the Internet, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. For the team here at EPCM, Industry 4.0 is much more than a buzzword; it denotes real, positive change for companies and their employees.

  • Olympic Dam CSM
    Australian copper refinery getting state-of-the-art overhaul with EPCM ingenuity

    Our team at EPCM was faced with a unique challenge when contracted to fully modernize a decades-old Australian mine. Our task was to equip the BHP Olympic Dam – considered to be the world’s fourth largest copper resource – with the latest technologies and safety measures, but without expanding the footprint of the existing site.

I was impressed by how involved the project manager was in the entire project. When I worked with a competitor, the person overseeing the project rarely spoke with me. The whole EPCM team was fantastic.

North American Specialty Paint Manufacturer, Technical Manager