Material Handling Automation

Complex and custom material handling automation solutions that drive client success

At EPCM, we have over 40 years of experience delivering unique and innovative robotic material handling equipment to heavy manufacturing clients worldwide.

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A proven leader in natural resource automation

Always the innovator, EPCM was the first automation company to introduce robotic material handling solutions to the natural resources industry. Built on the early success of our Cathode Stripping Machines (CSMs), Anode Preparation Machines (APMs), Anode Scrap Wash (ASW), and starter sheet automation, EPCM’s solutions are used in all aspects of global electrowinning and electrorefining operations today.

Let EPCM automate your dull, dirty and dangerous tasks and watch your profitability grow

We excel at streamlining our clients’ manufacturing processes by automating tedious and low-value manual tasks. This will help you free up labour to work on cleaner, safer and more valuable activities. You’ll reap the benefits of lower operating costs, reduced complexity, higher quality and increased throughput. Contact us to discuss your automation or outsourcing needs.

Heavy and fast turnkey solutions customized to client needs

Unlike other automation providers, EPCM doesn’t stop at solving only what’s visible. We dig deeper. We have a track record for quickly recognizing and solving problems clients aren’t aware of – consistently accelerating their productivity, safety, and cost gains.

EPCM specializes in complex material handling automation and environments where heavy products move rapidly through the manufacturing and assembly processes. Our diverse automation solutions include:

Materials Transport Automation 

  • Belt & roller conveyors
  • Bulk & loose material handling conveyors
  • Power & free overhead conveyors
  • Walking beam handling systems
  • Pallet & heavy unit load handling conveyor
  • Linear induction conveyors
  • Automated turn table & specialty part feed systems 
  • Transfer Car & Rail Guided Vehicle (RGV) systems
  • Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) & Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) systems
  • Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems (ASRS)

Robotic Automation 

  • Multi-axis robotic arms
  • Linear & area gantry robots 
  • Pick & place robots 
  • Collaborative robots
  • Custom designed end effectors 

Packaging Automation   

  • Automated weighing check systems
  • Stacking & de-stacking automation
  • Pallet dispensers
  • Banding & strapping systems
  • Stretch wrapping systems
  • Palletizing & stacking systems
  • Clinching & corrugating presses   
  • Print & apply labelling systems

Process Automation

  • Multi-stage & high-pressure wash systems
  • Specialty robotic welding cells
  • Assembly automation
  • Robotic polishing & finishing cells
  • De-palletizing & de-stacking systems 
  • Marking & barcoding systems
  • AI based quality inspection & classification systems
  • QA sampling systems 
  • SCADA, digital data mining & IoT system integration

Ask us about our commercial solutions for clients who prefer not to own and operate the equipment.

The project was done on time with weekly updates and no safety issues. The project managers were both really good. I felt like I was in good hands.

North American Downstream Oil Processor, Project Engineer

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