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EPCM… the tankhouse automation leader.

For 40 years, we’ve supplied global copper, nickel, manganese, and cobalt producers with industry leading tankhouse automation solutions including Cathode Stripping Machines. From ongoing maintenance to upgrades and complete overhauls, we’ve earned a reputation for innovation, reliability, safety and measurable results.

No one knows tankhouse automation like we do.


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The EPCM Group: Pioneering automation in natural resources.

EPCM was the first automation company to introduce robotic materials handling to the natural resources industry. Built on the early success of our Cathode Stripping Machines (CSMs), Anode Preparation Machines (APMs), Anode Scrap Wash (ASW) and starter sheet automation, EPCM’s solutions are used in all aspects of global electro-winning and electro-refining operations today.

Client-first automation solutions

With our extensive tankhouse experience, we have first-hand knowledge of your environment and the challenges you face. We’ll apply our insights and original thinking to design a solution-focused specifically on the operational, financial and safety objectives you’d like to achieve.

Our automation solutions are constantly evolving as we integrate new and advanced technologies into our systems. See Automation for a full list of our latest offerings.

Our tailored solutions include:

  • Anode Preparation Machines (APMs)
  • Anode Scrap Wash (ASWs) Machines
  • Cathode Stripping Machines (CSMs)
  • Inspection, Classification and Sortation (ICS) Systems
  • Starter Sheet Assembly Machines (SAM)

Our proven approach to reduce costs while improving performance and safety.

Design with flexible capacity
Our time-tested designs can be adapted for hourly capacity ranging from 30 to 500+ cathodes/anodes. We’ll create a solution tailored to your needs.

Industry 4.0 practices
Our solutions include real-time remote monitoring, allowing informed decisions and corrective actions to be taken immediately.

Focus on client objectives
With decades of tankhouse experience, we’re experts at designing our solutions to maximize long-term reliability and safety — while decreasing operational costs.

Easy and affordable maintenance
We apply our proven success maintaining tankhouse equipment to design easily maintained systems that are cost-effective.

Conduct sorting process in the tankhouse
By performing quality control in the tankhouse, we eliminate double handling and provide immediate process feedback.

Wash the whole cathode
Our full-surface wash improves quality and eliminates the risk of dropped cathodes.

Identify cathode defects in the CSM
By identifying off-spec cathodes and missing edge strips in the CSM, we substantially increase plating quality.

Our tankhouse equipment outperform the rests.

Poorly performing equipment can cost millions of dollars annually in lower Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), unstrippable copper, maintenance challenges, safety issues and poor-quality product. Here’s how our integrated design saves clients money.

Simplified design
We design our systems to significantly reduce the number of operating stations, employee access points and product position changes required. This results in fewer jams and better performance – driving savings on multiple fronts.

Higher reliability and reduced maintenance requirements
Robotic materials handling systems are proven to have higher reliability and accuracy than traditional systems. What’s more, our equipment has significantly fewer components and sensors – which means less time and money dealing with equipment breakdowns and ongoing maintenance.

Improved safety and performance
By eliminating steps from the process, reducing the complexity of the system and decreasing high-risk activity, our clients consistently see operational performance and safety improve substantially.

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Continuously adding value for clients.

We leverage advanced technologies and design highly efficient processes to eliminate problems before they arise. Contact us today to learn how our automation solutions can help you improve safety, productivity, and overall performance.

Tecnologias COBRA has been providing daily support for our tankhouse automation equipment for over 30 years. Since they started, the have increased OEE and consistently provided reliable support including major overhauls and equipment upgrades.

South American Tankhouse Manager

EPCM has been designing, fabricating and repairing cathodes for global clients for more than 40 years.
We are the go-to experts for restoring nonperforming cathodes — and your tankhouse productivity.

Contact us today to schedule a free onsite assessment of your cathodes.