OEM Spare Parts Supply

Sourcing and manufacturing spare parts for mining and heavy industry

A timely and reliable source of spare parts is critical in ensuring your equipment consistently operates at peak efficiency. But securing replacement parts quickly and cost-effectively is no simple task.

We’ll help you overcome challenges with obsolete parts, part failures, and unreliable suppliers. With a long history of designing, building, and maintaining industrial equipment, we have the know-how to manufacture or source the right part at the right price – right when you need it.

Benefit from single-source supply

Take advantage of more favourable pricing, consistent product quality, and reduced workload by making EPCM your single-source supplier. Our specialists in North America, South America and Europe are ready to tap into our time-tested procurement network around the globe to get you exactly what you need.

We offer OEM parts for cathodes and cathode handling equipment including:

  • Permanent cathodes e.g. edgestrips
  • Cathode stripping machines (CSMs) e.g. specialty chain and sprockets
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic systems e.g. hydraulic cylinders and manifolds
  • Electrical, instrumentation and PLC components
  • Mechanical and custom-fabricated parts e.g. complete custom assemblies

With a catalogue of 100,000+ components and proven manufacturing and repair capabilities, we can help ensure your equipment functions efficiently throughout its entire lifecycle.

Learn more about our spare parts solutions for mining and heavy industry: contact us.

The EPCM Group, as a strategic partner at Codelco’s Radomiro Tomic mine, provides maintenance services and supplies associated with SX/EW, providing innovation and technical assistance that keep our processes productive.

Site Maintenance Manager,
Codelco, Radomiro Tomic Division, Calama