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We address our clients’ most difficult manufacturing and operational challenges by applying our bold thinking, industry insights, end-to-end services and global capability.

Established in 1980, EPCM is a global engineering, procurement and construction management firm.

We deliver single-source, life-cycle solutions that help clients gain and maintain a competitive advantage in their industries.


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epcm - EPCM
epcm - EPCM

They were able to customize their package to give us the true value engineering that we needed. This deviated from the more typical engineering firms that asked us to check a bunch of boxes. EPCM listened to us better.

North American Specialty Paint Manufacturer, Technical Manager
epcm - EPCM

We are searching for innovative and driven people to make a difference.

Blog Posts

  • Robotic Saw Sampling System: EPCM’s Innovative Solution
    The Robotic Saw Sampling System’s will increase our clients safety, quality and productivity.  The system is capable of performing repetitive tasks with speed and precision. This dynamic capability substantially increases overall productivity, empowering clients to streamline operations, reduce downtime, and maximize output.
  • Charging ahead: driving low carbon nickel solutions for the electric transportation revolution
    As concerns about environmental issues escalate, the global race is on to shift to greener, more sustainable economies. With electrification of transportation as a vital tool to combat these issues, the need for metals to be mined and processed using a clean, low carbon approach is critical.

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🌍🌱 At EPCM, every day is Earth Day. We are committed to sustainable engineering and protecting the environment in every project we undertake. Together, we work for a greener and more prosperous future!
#EarthDay #Sustainability #GreenEngineering
🏭✨ We are excited to share the start of our operations in Peru! 🇵🇪 Our offices opened in 2023, and by the end of the first quarter of 2024, our plant is already operational! A milestone that marks our consolidation in South America and globally. This new chapter in our history is an advancement in our mission of excellence in engineering services, automation, spare parts supply, construction, and projects overall.
💪🏼 We continue to grow with our #NewPlant #EPCMPeru #SouthAmerica #Growth
Celebrating at The EPCM Group! Our South American headquarters successfully passed the surveillance audit of the Tri-Norm Certification (ISO 9001 - ISO 14001 - ISO 45001). An accomplishment that reflects our commitment to quality, the environment, and health and safety at work. 🎉 
What does this certification entail? Find out in the video. 😉 
🙌🏼 We continue to move forward with determination and excellence!
#TriNormCertification #Quality #Environment #HealthSafetyAtWork #ISO
🌟 Welcome aboard! 🌟 We’re pleased to welcome Everto Martínez to our team as a Senior Mechanical Engineer, specializing in Zinc Material Handling Design. Your over 16 years of experience in design, engineering, and commissioning of projects and operations in non-ferrous metals plants are a great asset to our projects.
💪🏼 Proud to have your professionalism and expertise on our side. Looking forward to working together and achieving new milestones in the Zinc industry!
#Welcome #EPCM #ZincIndustry
An incredible day. 🌟🌑 Our EPCM team paused for a moment to appreciate the spectacular total solar eclipse together. An experience that inspires us to continue exploring, learning, and growing together.
#TotalSolarEclipse #SpecialMoments #EPCM
🌑 Today is Total Solar Eclipse Day! 🌑 This unique event will be visible between 2:04pm and 3:19pm on April 8, 2024. At EPCM, we emphasize the importance of safety at all times. Don’t forget to protect your eyes and follow safety recommendations to enjoy the eclipse safely.

Safety recommendations:
👓 Use certified eclipse glasses to protect your eyes. 
☀️ Never look directly at the Sun without protection, even during the eclipse. 
📷 Avoid using cameras, telescopes, or binoculars to look at the Sun without proper filters. 
👧 Always supervise children while observing the eclipse. 

Enjoy the eclipse safely and responsibly.
👉🏼 More information: https://www.asc-csa.gc.ca/eng/astronomy/eclipses/total-solar-eclipse.asp
#TotalSolarEclipse #SafetyFirst #EPCM
🎉 Welcome, Lucas! 🎉 We’re thrilled to announce that Lucas is joining our team as a Technical Sales Manager. We’re excited to see how his skills and experience in industrial automation and Industry 4.0 drive our growth and success. Welcome to the team, Lucas!
#Welcome #NewTeamMember #Automation #Industry40 #EPCMTeam
We are proud to announce that our team in South America has been recognized by the Cathode Management at Minera Escondida @inside_bhp as a leading company in #Contracts and #Safety during FY23! This achievement in Chile underscores our commitment to operational excellence and contribution to our partners’ and clients’ management. We continue to prioritize safety and mutual success! 🌟🤝
#BusinessRecognition #MineraEscondida #EPCM #BHP #OperationalExcellence