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epcm - EPCM
epcm - EPCM

They were able to customize their package to give us the true value engineering that we needed. This deviated from the more typical engineering firms that asked us to check a bunch of boxes. EPCM listened to us better.

North American Specialty Paint Manufacturer, Technical Manager
epcm - EPCM

We are searching for innovative and driven people to make a difference.

Blog Posts

  • Robotic Saw Sampling System: EPCM’s Innovative Solution
    The Robotic Saw Sampling System’s will increase our clients safety, quality and productivity.  The system is capable of performing repetitive tasks with speed and precision. This dynamic capability substantially increases overall productivity, empowering clients to streamline operations, reduce downtime, and maximize output.
  • Charging ahead: driving low carbon nickel solutions for the electric transportation revolution
    As concerns about environmental issues escalate, the global race is on to shift to greener, more sustainable economies. With electrification of transportation as a vital tool to combat these issues, the need for metals to be mined and processed using a clean, low carbon approach is critical.

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🎉 Proud of our India Division! 🇮🇳
Abhishek Bhargava, our Vice President of Operations and Business Development at EPCM India, successfully presented at the 28th International Conference on Non-ferrous Metals on July 12-13, 2024. 🗓️

📊 Presentation Topic: “Cathode Consistency: How Damaged & Improperly Repaired Cathodes Reduce Productivity and Inflate Costs in Tank House Operations”

🔍 Key Points of the Presentation:
• Importance of Cathode Consistency: Maintaining cathodes in optimal condition is crucial to maximizing efficiency in tank house operations.
• Impact of Damaged Cathodes: Damaged cathodes can lead to a significant reduction in productivity by affecting the quality of the final product.
• Effects of Improper Repairs: Inadequate repairs can exacerbate problems, increasing operational costs and creating additional inefficiencies.
• Inflated Costs: Inconsistencies in cathodes not only affect production but also inflate costs associated with maintenance and repair.

💡 The presentation highlighted how to address these challenges to improve efficiency and reduce costs in tank house operations.

Congratulations to our team for their valuable contribution to the conference and their ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence in the non-ferrous metals industry!

Want to know more? Visit www.epcm.com or email us at info@epcm.com

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🔩 We have 1000s of parts for many applications and an excellent network of suppliers to identify solutions! 🌟
At EPCM, we pride ourselves on our extensive inventory and strong supplier relationships. Whether you need a specific part for a critical application or are looking for expert advice on the best solution for your project, we’ve got you covered.
Our team is dedicated to ensuring you have the parts you need to keep your operations running smoothly. Don’t let a missing part slow you down—reach out to us today!

🔍  Explore our vast selection and learn how we can help:

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🔧 Your business can’t stop because of a missing spare part. That’s why we help you find it.

Contact us today!
💬 For any inquiries, visit: www.epcm-products.com 

🦾 Thousands of parts, endless solutions. Your needs, our network.

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🚀 “At EPCM, we help you get your projects up and running, and we also have the part you need to keep them going.” Dave Walters – Sales and Procurement Manager at EPCM.

🛠️ Discover our wide range of spare parts for various applications, backed by an excellent network of suppliers to provide you with the best solutions. Whether you’re starting a new project or maintaining an existing one, we’ve got you covered.

🔗 Visit our new “Products” page to explore our most popular spare parts: www.epcm-products.com

For any inquiries, feel free to reach out. Let’s keep your operations running smoothly!

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🔍 Looking for that elusive spare part for your project? Your missing part is here! Explore our wide selection and find what you need to keep things running smoothly. 🛠️

✅ If you have difficulty finding a part, we’ll help you locate it.
✅ If it’s too expensive, we’ll find the best alternative that fits your budget.
✅ If you have parts that fail prematurely, we can help you find better versions.
✅ If it’s obsolete, we can help you find what is currently available and effective.

👉🏼 For any inquiries, visit here: 

🦾 Thousands of parts, endless solutions. Your needs, our network.

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🌟 Thousands of parts, endless solutions. Your needs, our network. 🌍

We are excited to announce the launch of our new “Products” section on our website! At EPCM, we understand the importance of having the right part at the right time. That’s why we’ve listed some of our most popular spare parts to ensure you have access to what you need, when you need it.

With thousands of parts available for a wide range of applications and an excellent network of suppliers, we’re here to identify the best solutions for your projects. Simply contact us with the details of your project, and we’ll provide the expertise and parts you require to keep things running smoothly.

🔍 Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us by filling out the inquiries form, and we’ll help you find exactly what you need.

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🇺🇸✨ Happy 4th of July! ✨🇺🇸

From EPCM Group, we want to wish our colleagues and partners in the United States a happy Independence Day. Today we celebrate freedom, innovation, and collaboration, values that also inspire us in our mission to deliver engineering, procurement, and construction management excellence worldwide.

We appreciate your dedication and commitment.
Enjoy this special day!

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🚀 Project Highlight: Welding Optimization.
We are completing the development of a system designed for welding large, complex, and dimensionally diverse products. Our goals are to decrease manual labour in the welding process, boost throughput and operational efficiency, reduce defects to enhance overall quality and eliminate safety-related risks.
🔧✨ Operationally, we will manage up to four different light fixture configurations, each with multiple components. This involves identifying all the parts, sequencing the welding tasks, positioning all the different parts for welding, and welding all the components to create finished products. Depending on the configuration, the system will be capable of producing up to 100 finished parts per hour.

📬 More info: info@epcm.com

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