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EPCM Expands Global Footprint with Cathode Facility in India.

by Bob Shorker and John Jickling

Continuing to expand its international footprint, The EPCM Group is launching a new cathode manufacturing and maintenance center in Ahmedabad, India. EPCM’s expansion into Asia underscores its commitment to delivering global expertise with a local presence.

India is not only the fastest growing economy in the world, but it’s also firmly focused on electrification, with a target of achieving 30% electric vehicle (EV) penetration by 2030. With adoption of EVs increasing rapidly, copper and other base metals will be essential to the electrification of all forms of ground transport.

EPCM’s inaugural project in India is to manufacture 81,577 copper cathodes as Phase 1 of a contract with Kutch Copper Limited, a subsidiary of Adani Enterprises. Based on EPCM estimates, this marks the largest order of cathodes ever placed in India.

With three decades of experience designing, fabricating, and repairing cathodes for clients around the globe, EPCM is well-equipped to deliver a successful project to Kutch Copper.

“We’ve worked hand-in-glove with refineries and electrowinning facilities worldwide to overcome some daunting challenges successfully”, notes Bob Shorker. “Our experience gives us a deep understanding of the variables, from safety and cost to operations and supply chain. This project aims to minimize the total cost of ownership, from commissioning to production to the end of life — while improving safety and environmental outcomes.”

The production began in May 2023 with 20 local employees, with EPCM’s divisions in Canada, Europe, and South America supplying resources to support the successful facility launch in Ahmedabad. EPCM plans to expand its engineering, automation, and manufacturing services in India by early 2024.

The decision to establish a local presence in India echoes a successful move to create a strong presence in the heart of the Chilean copper belt. EPCM launched its South American division Tecnologias COBRA in 1998 with a small but focused team. Today the team has grown to over 700 employees, with clients worldwide.

With the potential for copper production in India predicted to increase four or five times in the next five to 10 years, EPCM is well positioned for what’s ahead. EPCM plans to maintain its Indian presence long term, leveraging India’s skilled labor force and engineering expertise.

“We’re grateful for the tremendous support we’ve received from our client and local partners,” says EPCM President John Jickling. “Strategically locating our operations in a key copper hub ensures exceptional on-site support and expertise, and creates a foundation for long-term client success. He adds, “While our new operations will focus on the Indian marketplace in the short term, we’ll continue to expand into Asia and Africa as demand continues to grow.”

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