Cathode Repair

The global leader in cathode repair

For more than four decades, The EPCM Group has supplied the world’s leading copper, nickel,
manganese, and cobalt producers with the highest-performing repaired cathodes. Along the way, we’ve saved mining and mineral processing clients millions annually.

Nobody knows the cathode repair business like we do.


cathodes repaired
in 2020


sheets of copper stripped
in 2020


new cathodes/
year capacity

Cathode repairs that save money while improving tankhouse operational results

Our clients are often shocked to learn that 95% of the ‘unrepairable’ cathodes we see can actually be repaired to original standards. We apply decades of experience and insight to generate solutions that help our clients maximize productivity while reducing costs.

We specialize in repairing the right way — so you can keep your operations running at peak

Our proven approach

Wash – don’t buff
New cathodes sheets are damaged by buffing. We minimize damage by
using a high-pressure wash system instead and buff only when required.

Ensure a flat, rigid sheet
Our sophisticated equipment ensures cathodes meet original specs to
optimize performance.

Restore “unrepairable” cathodes to original performance
We can successfully repair 95% of the ‘unrepairable’ cathodes we view at client sites. We repair it once — and we repair it right the first time.

Strip copper in the Cathode Stripping Machine (CSMs), not offsite
We support client CSMs around the world. We offer a free two-day, onsite assessment of CSMs.

Use only the highest-quality edgestrips
With expertise in the full spectrum of edgestrips, we’ll recommend which one is best for you to minimize life-cycle cost.

Technology agnostic
We have decades of expertise repairing cathodes produced by anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Since we started repairing cathodes with EPCM, we have been able to eliminate the purchase of new cathodes and we have increased profitability by over $2 million through increased production.

European Refinery Tankhouse Manager

EPCM has been designing, fabricating and repairing cathodes for global clients for more than 40 years.
We are the go-to experts for restoring nonperforming cathodes — and your tankhouse productivity.

Contact us today to schedule a free onsite assessment of your cathodes.