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Robotic Cathode Stripping Machine

SP Robotic Cathode Stripping Machine (CSM)

EPCM is a principal supplier of tankhouse systems for base metal electrorefining and electrowinning. Our SP Robotic Cathode Stripping Machines can strip from 40 to 500 cathodes per hour.

Continuous Product Management (CPM)

We’ve transformed the stripping process so that the product is under constant machine control. Employing our latest design concept, Continuous Product Management (CPM), we’ve automated the procedure in a way that will benefit copper producers worldwide.

Innovation highlights

  • Robotic material handling
  • Full face cathode wash
  • Under running transfer car
  • Full length edge strip press
  • Elimination of infeed and outfeed conveyors
  • Parallel stripping stations

CPM utilizes robotic technology for material handling, resulting in numerous advantages over conventional carousel and linear conveyor CSM’s.

Advantages of CPM Over Conventional CSM’s

Reliability – a pioneer in robotic tankhouse automation, EPCM has set the standard for cathode stripping. Our CPM designs have surpassed 84,000 operating hours between major failures (MTBF).

Flexibility – the use of robots increases operating and layout flexibility. Since the stripping stations are modular, multiple stations can be used to boost operating capacity. Optional stations such as sampling, corrugating, and clinching can easily be added to an existing system without major cost or down time.

Noise reduction – CPM eliminates the need for traditional sheet stackers which drop sheets and generate higher noise levels.

Lower capital cost – the SP Robotic CSM can be installed on a flat floor slab without extensive machine foundations.

Improved maintainability – our CSM robots are ideal for maintenance and cleaning access.

Lower energy costs – the robots utilize servo motor drives which have a greater electrical efficiency than the hydraulics commonly used on custom material handling equipment.