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Cathode Remanufacture

Permanent Cathode Repair

Cathode condition is critical for optimal plant operation. It affects base metal quality, stripping machine performance, and tankhouse efficiency. You can significantly lengthen the lifespan of your permanent cathodes and reduce operating expenses using EPCM’s advanced cathode refurbishment program.

Minor Repairs

  • Cathode cleaning – robotic wash
  • Robotic surface refurbishment
  • Verticality check and correction
  • Edge strip installation


With our cathode remanufacture program, we can replace or repair any component so you never need to purchase a new replacement again. This program returns your severely damaged cathodes, once destined for scrap, to original as manufactured specifications, eliminating the need for costly replacements.

Major refurbishments include:

  • Re-welding
  • Header bar replacement
  • Sheet recovery using stainless steel flattening to enhance verticality and stiffness
  • Stainless steel sheet recuperation