Service & Supply

Proven solutions to help you realize bigger gains

EPCM offers a full range of services across industries including Mining & Mineral Processing, Oil & Gas, Agricultural Chemicals and Specialty Chemicals. From engineering consulting to automation, repairs and spare parts, we deliver life-cycle solutions that improve operational performance and lower costs.

A unique commercial approach

At heart, EPCM is a client success company.

A compelling technical solution, operational plan and business case is sometimes not enough to move an automation project forward. Cumbersome approval processes and other bureaucracy can lead to lengthy deliberations, ultimately delaying the benefit to customer operations. Sometimes it takes an unconventional and collaborative approach to investment and risk to inspire confidence and accelerate success.

Along with a conventional CAPEX approach, we also offer a commercial (outsourcing) solution for clients who prefer not to own and operate the equipment. In this option EPCM owns, operates, and maintains the equipment as part of a monthly contract. Our unique OPEX alternative streamlines approval by emphasizing benefit over budget, and reward over risk.       

Our Service & Supply solutions include:

Spare parts & components
We’ll help you overcome challenges with obsolete parts, part failures, and unreliable suppliers. With our global experience designing, building and maintaining equipment, we can manufacture or source the right part at the right price – right when you need it.

Repairs & maintenance – virtual & on-site
Boost your operational performance by putting our longstanding expertise to use. Whether your equipment is from EPCM – or anywhere else – we can help. We offer virtual and on-site emergency support, predictive and preventative maintenance, and refurbishment and upgrades. 

Modernization projects
For decades, we’ve helped international industrial clients with large-scale modernization projects – from brownfield and greenfield projects to tankhouse operations. Our highly-skilled professionals are experts at developing bold but practical solutions that increase productivity and reliability, while reducing maintenance costs.

Process optimization
Our process engineering and automation solutions have helped leading industrial companies globally for 40+ years. We can help you improve safety and production cycle times, increase throughput and reliability, and drive measurable improvements real time with 24/7 data collection, monitoring and analysis. Learn more about our Engineering services.

Production support – automate dull, dirty, and dangerous tasks
Increase throughput and decrease costs by letting EPCM take over the dull, dirty, and dangerous tasks in the manufacturing process. Our services include: 

  • On-site operation of client-installed equipment – we operate, maintain, or repair your equipment  
  • On-site operation of EPCM equipment – we provide the equipment, and operate, maintain, and repair it as part of a monthly contract
  • Off-site production outsourcing – we establish facilities close to our client’s operation to perform your work in process tasks  

Solutions customized to your needs

We can help ensure your production and equipment function consistently, efficiently and seamlessly throughout the entire lifecycle – from commissioning to overhauls, modernizations, and decommissioning. We’re happy to customize a package based on your needs.

Learn more about EPCM solutions for the following industries:

By replacing our 20-year-old sheets with new sheets, we have seen dramatic improvements in plating quality and stripability. EPCM has met all its commitments for us.

North American Refinery Tank House Manager