Cathode Manufacturing

The global leader in cathode manufacturing.

For more than four decades, the EPCM Group has supplied the world’s leading copper, nickel, manganese, and cobalt producers with the highest-performing newly manufactured cathodes.

Nobody has more permanent cathode experience than we do.


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We apply decades of experience and insight to select the right materials that help our clients maximize productivity while reducing costs.

Our proven approach

We can make it
We can match your current cathode geometry and performance requirements while including the benefits of our own design.

Performance, maintainability & cost
Our cathode design choices are based on what’s most important to our end users.

We’re ready to help
Sometimes you need cathodes fast. We stock common sizes of raw material to help provide a quick delivery.

Cathode raw materials available:
316L stainless steel
316+ stainless steel
EPCM easy strip
Duplex stainless steel

One size does not it all
Different tankhouses require different cathodes. We work with you to optimize your design and material selection.

No job too big – no job too small
We’ve successfully completed projects ranging from 132,000 cathodes to 100.

Use the best edgestrips
We have experience with all types of edgestrips. We know which is best for you to minimize life cycle cost.

An EPCM-made cathode delivers a bigger harvest per cell and a lower cell voltage. The copper-welded cathode ensures a good payback on our investment.

South African Technical Manager

EPCM has been designing, fabricating and repairing cathodes for global clients for more than 40 years.
We are the go-to experts for restoring nonperforming cathodes — and your tankhouse productivity.

Contact us today to schedule a free onsite assessment of your cathodes.